Thursday, 27 November 2008

Oh My! Mumbai!

The TV news this week has not been very good has it? Especially if you have visits to Bangkok and Mumbai on your holiday travel list.

First was the closure of one of the Bangkok airports and today they closed the other one so their are no flights out for either national or international travellers - haven't seen any mention of them blockading the ports yet........

And then there are the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, so far over 100 dead and British and American passport holders being targeted. Naturally we are hoping that this is not going to be a long term disturbance and that by the time we get there next March all these troubles will be long forgotten about.

Next worry of course is the pirates around Somalia - we cruise past there on the way to the Suez Canal. Did we pick a bad time after all?

Are we downhearted? Of course not, we have great faith that we will be well protected and looked after and that this holiday will be a great success and that the next time we blog the clouds will have lifted and we will have positive news to report.

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