Friday, 27 March 2009

Day Seventy Six: A much better day at sea.

You will all be pleased to know that Hilary is feeling much better and that she has been up and about today and taking nourishment following her involuntary fasting yesterday when her total food intake was 3 shortcake biscuits. The seas were much calmer last night and have stayed that way all day and we have an air temperature of around 55F, cool enough for me to have a vest on underneath one of my new polo shirts. The green one from Acapulco actually and it still fits – mind you it hasn’t been washed yet.

We were awake around 7.00am and up and about by 8.15am wandering down in a blustery wind across Deck 12 to the Conservatory Restaurant where we met up with our dinner companions Peter and Christine, the Boy Scout and Girl Guide leaders. They went on the tour we were meant to be on yesterday so we learned all about it by proxy and it seems that we missed a pretty hectic tour of Rome that included the Trevi Fountains, the Coliseum both inside and out as well as the Vatican. They also bought a lovely book about the Vatican and Hilary is busy looking at it while I am hurriedly typing to try and get my bit finished as quickly as possible as we have a Portunus drinks party at 6.00pm, followed by dinner at 6.30pm and it is formal once again.

We have had a very easy day as you might expect and part of our morning was spent sitting in the Crows Nest reading and this was after our morning lecture by Diane Simpson where I had my handwriting analysed! It wasn’t a full analysis as she could only choose 10 points out of a possible 300 but her conclusions on my writing were – wait for it – “Communication!! Ideas, Reactions, Reflecting the Situation, A Constant Observer – Journalist of Sorts!!?” Hilary agreed with some of it but not the constant observer as she says that I pay little attention to most things. What does she know?

We had a very skimpy lunch in Al Fresco where Hilary enjoyed her soup and one piece of pizza while I enjoyed my 3 pieces of pizza, 4 pieces of garlic bread and a mousse dessert with almond biscuits. Then it was pretty much off to the Pacific Lounge where Peter and Bill were performing in the last renditions of the Oriana Choir and everyone enjoyed their selection of songs. My appreciation of it was marred somewhat by the behaviour of a fat guy who insisted on standing in front of me blocking my view of the rest of the choir when he could so easily have stood behind some of his singing colleagues. But no he had to be the big “Look at me at the front of the choir, aren’t I something.” Definitely not a choir singer and I bet his handwriting shows him to be a loner! OK that is it for me and I will hand you over to Hilary who is lying on the bed watching BBC World News with her eyes closed…..

Tiz I. How else is one to ‘watch’ the news? I am much better today – the pain in my head has abated and now I just feel a little spacey and ache a little around the neck. I have lost my appetite too, how good is that! Barcelona tomorrow so I must pull myself together and be up to enjoying the city! The injections yesterday worked a dream – the medic said that I might feel a little drowsy – drowsy, I was zonked out for the whole day and night and could still go to sleep at a moments notice! It was good juice whatever it was! Everyone that I have met seems to have noticed that I was not about yesterday and they have all been very sweet and asked how I am feeling now. Apparently I am not the only one to be suffering. Sam and I have decided to make a trip to Italy at some time in the future so I can catch up with what I missed yesterday. One lady told me to take the Thompson coach and visit Florence, Vienna, Pisa and Rome. She said that the trip takes 2 weeks and it takes a route through beautiful countryside. So there is a thought – maybe in the future sometime. I spent some of the morning writing up the little writing bit that I put on each page of the scrapbook. It is always difficult to reduce the waffling down to fit the space available so I have a habit of jotting down all the important bits and then I can figure out how it will have be reduced to fit the page! For the page that was going to be Rome – I have pinched some photos from Christine and Peter and will put them on the bottom of the page. The top of the page will be a photo of me in bed sleeping with the caption of ‘while I slept Rome was enjoyed by our friends’. Oh well that is it for me for today, I must have a nap before I dress up for formal night and it is already late. Take care, God bless.

Just come from the Theatre Royal which starred Darren Day tonight, a name that was once so big on the West End and on TV has sadly gone downhill judging by tonight’s performance. There was a gasp from the audience when he came on as we expected a slim boyish looking performer and we were confronted by a tubby bald headed 40+ man. The bald head was explained away by the fact that just the other day he had his hair shaved off to raise money for Children in Need so that was a good thing. As was his opening Mack the Knife which was brilliant but it went a bit downhill after that particularly with some of the impressions that he did which were not in the best of taste. His take off of Stevie Wonder was particularly dubious and he ended his routine with a medley of impressions in My Way that had apparently brought him to fame in 1988 – not the best choice. The good news is that Hilary’s recovery continues apace and she is expecting to be well enough to go ashore at Barcelona – our last port of call! – tomorrow. See you tomorrow night after our special dinner at Gary Rhodes when we celebrate 45 years of harmony. Godbless.


samw7 said...

Happy early wedding anniversary. I am certainly happy that you found each other. Glad to know that Mum is feeling better. Hope you enjoy your trip into Barcelona. I've always wanted to go there since seeing the view from the diving board when they hosted the Olympics. Quiet day here. It's 77 degrees and sunny here and Amarillo had 14 inches of snow this morning. Amazing that it is all the same state.
Love to you both, Sam

Liz said...


I've just caught up with the blog as I have been up to the Midlands for a few days, during which I had a wonderful day in London with Bex. She walked me off my feet, visiting Imperial college and the Natural History Museum before taking me back to her house for tea and cake to fortify me for the journey back to Hinkley. She sends her love to all and is working hard, bless her.

I'm glad you are feeling better now Hilary, keep the fluids up even if you don't feel like eating. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary celebration and enjoy your day in Barcelona.

I'm off to see Marlene tomorrow for the weekend. Sheila won't be able to come with me as planned because she is suffering with a nasty flu virus. Join me in sending her some healing thoughts as she is really quite poorly.

Looking forward to seeing you next week, take care of each other. Love Liz xxx

Sharon and Georgia said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! We all send much love and wish you a wonderful day celebrating your love for one another. Here's to may more years of married bliss, a rare thing these days.Many Congratulations.

I have just caught up on a few days after a very busy week to discover the news about Aunty Hilary. I am so sorry you missed Italy, but what a great idea to enjoy exploring it at your leisure at a later date. I am so pleased you are feeling better, poor you.My thoughts are with you.

So very sad to hear someone lost their life. Devastating for their family.

As Aunty Liz has written already, Mum is not well. Bless her. She was so looking forward to enjoying Cornwall with Marlene and Aunty Liz. Another opportunity will arise and perhaps Aunty Hilary can enjoy Cornwall with her sisters and Marlene at a later date.

Things are super busy here. I suppose it keeps me out of trouble! John and I are enjoying each others company and having fun together. You would like him, he is a very gentle soul. Poor guy!

Enjoy your last few days and can't wait to see you.

Sending you bucket loads of healing thoughts and love. Enjoy Barcelona. xxxx