Monday, 26 January 2009

Day Eighteen: Noisy Neighbours….

While Hilary was in the Crow’s Nest this morning painting Jimmy, I took our laptop into the smoking area - which is alongside the CyberStudy - so that I could be close to her and send a couple of emails. I failed to realise how inconsiderate some people can be with modern technology. First we had the woman on the mobile ‘phone with her “Oh, I’m looking out the window here and I can see the sea, by the way how’s the cat’s paw, is it better? I’m not sleeping well, the food is lovely, we’ll be home soon, is it raining mother? We’ll get a new telly when we get home, don’t worry about it.” Peace reigned for all of five minutes and then a couple arrived with their laptop and apparently despite what I had been told, they managed to connect via Skype. Now of course they didn’t use a headset where the incoming sound was muted and they could speak into a microphone, no they had the microphone, speakers and webcam built into their laptop and by golly they were going to shout into it and let the world know their banal secrets. “Can you see my new top? It’s white and Johnny’s peeling, turn round Johnny, show Mum your peeling tan. Acapulco was nice Dad, yes it’s spelt A-C-A-P-U-L-C-O and we saw the divers, very nice, they went ever so high? I closed my eyes I was that frightened. It was hot, but it’s a lot fresher today. Did you see us on the Panama webcam? I wore my T-Shirt that day and waved to you, did you see it?”
It was so thrilling I felt like going over there and giving Dad a wave or wishing him well, I might have even been able to see what he looked like. At least I would have had some connection with him as I knew what was going on in most of his personal life. I’m surprised that they didn’t ask him if he had been to the toilet this morning. These people are spending at least 13pence a minute to find out if the cat has been fed, if little Billy is enjoying school and to tell their family that they can see the sea from the ship. For heaven’s sake, get a life people, you’re getting off in San Francisco, you’ll be seeing them in 3 days! OK rant over.

I missed out a couple from the Murder on the Oriana yesterday and only remembered them today when we saw them at breakfast. I call them Bunty and Archie and she is on her second marriage; very clipped cut glass upper class accent, with the twinset and pearls to match - yes even at breakfast time. Archie is a farmer and is Bunty’s bit of rough compared to her first husband and they are definitely on the run from Bunty’s family who don’t approve of her choice for second husband. I suspect that tucked away in the safe that all cabins have, she has gone off with the family heirlooms and a load of cash that she has made by flogging off the oil painting collection built up by Papa just after the war. Papa was a General in the Army of course, maybe even a Brigadier. Alternatively it could be that Archie has a talent for forging oil paintings and has replaced the original with his own, or could it be that the paintings were stolen and hidden by him and this is the insurance scam that Phillip is trying to solve. The plot thickens… there could be more murders here than in Midsommer.

Hilary and I met up after Jimmy’s smart coat of black paint, had a cup of coffee in the Crow’s Nest then toddled off to the library where I took out a couple of books that I hopefully haven’t read. Next it was to the cinema where they were previewing the ship’s video of the tour so far. Frankly it was dreadful and I hope that they fix it before the trip is over. With the first leg ending at San Francisco that seems unlikely and I believe the video we are putting together will be far superior. We won’t have the nice introductions that show the highlights of the complete town but we will have all the personal stuff that shows the things that we did. As part of the official DVD I do actually have my arm, wrist, magnetic wrist strap and hand on the screen for at least 3 seconds as I released my turtle, but other than that we are not shown at all. Richard and Keiko get a couple of showings – well she is rather gorgeous – but as for the rest of our table we might as well not have been around. We indulged ourselves this lunchtime, at least I did as it is only 66F outside with a Force 4 northerly blowing and so it is a bit chilly. Hilary had a handful of chips and two small pieces of fish. I intended to just have a bowl of soup and a roll but ended up with the soup, two rolls, a large handful of chips and – wait for it – a cream horn with a cherry on top. Bad boy!

Tiz I. Diet, what diet? Sam can be strong until we enter the conservatory where they serve the food – then the urge to have only one of these or those overcomes him. He is still managing to get into his clothes so far but we are only two weeks into the cruise for goodness sake. God bless that taxi that carries us and our luggage home, I hope it is reinforced. The model is completely black now and tomorrow he is bronzed and finished. I have really enjoyed making him but before I show him to anybody at home you will have to understand the story of his life. He has had a hard life, he is not a good drummer so he has not earned much money and so has not been able to eat well – unlike Sam. He has sunken shoulders and incredibly skinny arms. Because he has a poor diet he has poor blood so he has to wear very thick gloves – fat hands. He looks glum because he wants to be a better drummer but does not have a teacher – can’t afford one! Apart from that he has turned out well! I wonder who will come on board to teach crafts on the next leg of the journey and what will it be? Exciting eh! I went to a debate about home education today to find out what the format is for the discussion. It was very interesting and led by a New Zealander, I might go along to some more of her debates. The spymaster has left the ship now and there seems to be a hole in the mornings without him. We are in the cabin just now getting ready for a formal drinks party before dinner with the masons (two of whom sit on our dinner table) I have to decide what to wear, take a shower and wash my hair all in the next hour – like Dad always said ‘I can be ready for the Queen in 5 minutes’. Cannot wait to get my hair cut in San Francisco, it will save me a lot of time using rollers etc. So must go, will blog again tomorrow. Thank you Liz for your message – when you see the model up close you will understand why I had to make up the story of his life! God bless.

OK a final quick note as I am in full dress kit and trying to get to the theatre to meet Hilary before the show starts, comedian I think. It was Burns night tonight and we had the full regalia, the address to the haggis, the bagpipes everything and although we didn’t have the haggis those on our table who did said that it was delicious. Certainly the dessert was and it was so good we asked for a copy of the menu so that we can show you all when we get back.

Must dash and I will blog tomorrow, enjoy tonight’s photos. I almost forgot the photos are my orange crocs, Hilary's Jimmy and the 3 models are left to right, Jimmy, the instructor's model and Peter's. The necklace was an expensive impulse buy by me for Hilary at Acapulco.


samw7 said...

The crocs need a little more burnt in the orange to be remotely acceptable. I love Jimmy and can't wait to see him in person. The necklace is beautiful and well worth whatever the expense. I have the last load of laundry in now and will vacuum this evening and then I will be almost ready to go. Just a quick trip to get my haircut and to the post office and I'll be set. Jeff is being a sweetheart and getting up at 4:00am to take me to the airport. I am lucky to have him. I'll try and find a way to communicate while I am gone.
Love to you both, Sam

Julian said...

Hi glad to hear you are still enjoying yourselves. The turtle release sounds like a good day and better than the diving shows put on for the tourists. Northerly 7's you do sound very nautical and must pray for Tony Hoopers favourite forecast of varible 0 gusting 1. Kelly would love it if you could post a picture of mum with her necklace on the blog. I am trying to get the Maritime and Coastguard agency to accept my previous sea time so that I can take the 2nd engineer oral exam in March time and not August time if they don't accept my previous sea service. Fingers crossed. I hope Sam has a safe journey to China and I'm sure she will find a way to keep in touch. I'm just glad the hotel in South Shields has free wi fi! Love to you both Julian Moira Carl & Kelly

Pat said...


Pat said...

At last I'm on course again and don't feel so lost because I could'n talk to you. Sam I like your crocs and can just see you wearing them with one of your Hawaian shirts, a definite sight for sour eyes'
Hilary's necklace is absolutely lovely and well worth buying and as for Jimmy, he is just brillient so make sure you keep him well safe until you get home.
Just keep on blogging, you are doing a fab job. I can just see Sam getting wound up by the silly old biddies Tee Hee.
Weather here is dreary but it's great not having to get up at 6.30am in the dark and frost.
Hilary my Goddaughter Sarah had a baby girl on 9 Jan weighing in at 6lb 10oz and is called Sophia,

Lots of love and keep safe Pat