Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Day Six: Speedos, Beer Bellies and Man Boobs…

The human body can be a joy to behold, tanned, lean, muscled and well cared for, OR it can be the sort that we witnessed today when the temperature finally rose above 70 degF and the sun came out. The tanned part was there, the gold medallions even but my God there were some enormously large bellies above the Speedo trunks. I wish that I could say it was predominantly the men who suffered from mid-riff bulge but truth to tell there were some whoppers on the ladies too!

Our day started reasonably early when we rose at 8.15am with the determined intention of having just a light breakfast before going off to see the latest lecture by the SpyMaster who has been given such wonderful talks on this cruise. This time it was set in a much bigger lounge with two large screens and so no-one was forced to stand at the back. Today’s theme was Piracy and what countermeasures are being taken to forestall it. He covered all the bases, ending of course with the oil tanker off Somalia which has just been released after the owners paid a $3 million ransom. The bills were dropped by a small parachute and the pirates were well prepared with dollar bill counters to check that the amount was correct, the notes were not forged, nor were they traceable in any way. What they didn’t allow for though was that during their high speed escape they would make a manoeuvre that would overturn their craft and kill 6 of the pirates. However they still managed to get away with the money and are some where in the depths of the Somalian desert. Tomorrow’s talk is the Dark Side of the Caribbean and that includes pirates too but sadly not Johnny Depp.

Let me just say that our resolution to have a small breakfast was pretty successful with Hilary having a small bowl of fruit and Sam two very small croissants with butter and jam of course. But it is a big step forward from scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast. We remained faithful to our resolution all day and skipped lunch, relying on cups of tea and water (which is free) and a lemonade each at £1.25 a pop.

Then it was time to sit back and relax by the pool, do a crossword and read a book and finally to have a doze of course. Hilary found us two great poolside loungers and apart from moving back into the shade after a couple of hours tanning – yes we did put Factor 50 sunscreen on – we hardly moved from 11.00am to 4.00pm other than to get free cups of water. We watched some hardy people going into the pool, where the temperature is not yet high enough for us, and noticed that with the sea swell that is running the water does slosh around a lot, so we remained spectators.

Dinner this evening was the Black and White, easy for the men as it is back into the formal tux but not so easy for the ladies, however all our group managed to conform and we looked a spiffing group. Official photographs were taken - but of individual table members, not even couples – so strange but I expect it is in the hope that they can sell more pictures at £6.00 a time. Keiko was very disappointed that she didn’t get her longed for group shot. Next time we will have to take a camera and do it ourselves with the assistance of a waiter of other diner. The meal was excellent as always, I did my best by having the clear noodle soup and small roulade of trout and shrimp but probably let myself down with the cheese and biscuits at the end – and the brownie of course.

We then toddled off in our finery to watch a lady singer called Iris Williams OBE (On Board Entertainer she joked, but apparently does really have the Order of the British Empire). She was OK, a poor man’s Rosemary Clooney with whom she had once sung – just goes to show how old she is. Lots of good numbers, but I wouldn’t rate her very highly however she rounded off a pleasant evening.

Just to close, thank you for lovely comments we do appreciate reading them as it means some of you are paying attention to an old man’s prattle. We get another extra hour in bed tonight as the clocks go back for the second time, that’s the nice thing about travelling west, but it will all go in reverse once we start around to head back.

Hi, this is me now and I have a couple of questions. First of all, I have brought my silk embroidery with me and intend to finish the embroidery part but I am blowed if I can remember how it goes together when completed sooo.... my friend Pat, can you remember the pattern of the bag? Next I wanted to know if Hayley had a good birthday and if she is keeping warm enough and whether she has managed to arrange a time for Marlene to come over to teach the level 2 Reiki? Finally I want to thank Marlene for the poem about the Angel and the story of the dove. I saw a house in Madeira with a pair of white doves at each corner of the roof and said to Sam what a lovely thing that was before we got your email, coincidence or what! It is time to dress up again for dinner, so I had better go. Tonight, my friends, we have to dress in black and white. I’ll add more another day when we start the blog earlier. Lots of love Hilary.


jeff said...

I was praying when I read your title that it wasn't an autobiography!

Pat said...

Hi Tis I
Hopefully this time this might work. Three times I have tried to send a message but to no avail. Rang Hayley and she has sorted things I hope and answer Hilary she is well and happy.
I have been reading your blogs each day and they have been really good. I certainly felt your pain in Maderea and am looking forward to your video of the basket ride Tee Hee.
The bag I think is pear shape with an oval flat base and draw strig close but I think you could make it into what ever shape you want or make it into a cusion for the bedroom. I'll look up my stuff and see what info I can find.
The more I read your blog the more I need to win the lottery so I can fly out to join you.
Hope the bear is behaving well.
Lots of love to you both, Pat

Pat said...

Great it worked.

samw7 said...

Glad the weather is looking up, although it looks as though you may have some thunderstorms when you reach the islands. I picked up 1200 rmb this morning, One more step. Now if I can just finish all these projects and clean the house, I'll be set. Happy to hear that all is well. Sounds like you have enjoyed a couple of relaxing days. Love,

Hayley said...

I am happy and well Aunty thank you. In fact last night I didn't light the fire, as by the time i went to sit down after pottering around all evening it was bedtime. Weather warmer here, but very wet. I had a wonderful birthday, shopping and eating nice food and drinking Merlot. Ugg boots will be bought this weekend when Mum and I visit Totnes! :) Sharon has been very organised and speaking to Marlene and we have all put back the weekend of the 28th feb for girlie weekend of Reiki, Aromatherapy and wine! ha ha should be great fun! I'm glad the weather is warming up for you guys, it does make the days cheaper when you can just lounge in the sun. Job hunting is going positively and have put my name down for 2 days on the buses next week doing surveys! (just to keep me going while i wait for my dream job!)Its not much but it will give my bank account a reasonable boost! will see Rachel tomorrow and will tell her all about your adventures so far! lots of Love, Hayles xxx